Friday, December 2, 2011

Henry buys liverwurst

[Henry, December 2, 2011.]

Where else are you gonna find liverwurst in the comics? And such a good price.

Also with liverwurst
“THIS IS FUN” (1941 advertisement)

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Elaine said...

I always called this 'braunschweiger,' and the kids thought I was saying, 'Brown tiger.' They just loved brown tiger sandwiches...until someone told them they were not supposed to like liver. Tsk!

Berit said...

I also know it as 'braunschweiger', and as a child my mother used to serve it in sandwiches with mayo and iceberg lettuce. I did like it, though I disliked bologna. I did know that I was not supposed to, however, as no one else had ever heard of it (in Oklahoma) and expressed disgust when enlightened. I think her affection came via her father and grandmother who'd emigrated from Germany to somewhere in the vicinity of Chicago.

I'd like one now, I think!

How do you guys prepare them?

Michael Leddy said...

I like liverwurst with Gulden’s Mustard on cracked-wheat bread.

Now I want a liverwurst sandwich too. I buy the stuff very occasionally as a treat.

Berit said...


I think as an adult I'd like it with Mustard. The sandwiches of my youth were on white bread, which was as rare in our house as the liverwurst. My mom would eat it while exclaiming "how bad it is for you--but it's So Good!"

Why really do we think it's bad? Processed meat generally? An off-the-charts (as perceived by my taste buds) salt content?