Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pi Recordings

Nate Chinen on the story of Pi Recordings:

Avant-garde jazz is notoriously marginalized music, and the afflictions now plaguing the recording industry are well known. But through a selective release schedule, a careful eye on the budget, a thoughtful approach to promotion and, crucially, a sense of cultivation and commitment to its artists, Pi has not only survived but has also managed to thrive.

Despite the Odds, a Jazz Label Finds a Way to Thrive (New York Times)
I have a half-dozen Pi albums, every one terrific. Small labels are the only future for almost all the music I care about.

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Stephen said...

I will have to check out Pi.

Amazingly and boldly, a new Jazz club is opening in my area this fall:

Michael Leddy said...

Have fun!