Monday, August 8, 2011

Orange pencil art

[Click for a larger view.]

Gunther at Lexikaliker sent me an array of German and Japanese pencils, one of the most thoughtful gifts I’ve ever received. Above, three orange examples of the art of pencilmaking. From top to bottom: an A.W. Faber Faber 6 copying pencil, a Lyra Orlow steno pencil, and a Lyra Orlow-Techno.

[Click for a larger view.]

These pencils have the appeal of well-made tools: everything about them bespeaks careful attention to detail. I like the contrast between the stately A.W. Faber and the sans serif Faber 6. I like the contrast between the capitalized cursive Orlow and the modernist lower-case orlow-techno. I like the scales and lyres, especially the lyres. I like the different shades of orange. I like everything about these pencils.

Thank you again, Gunther!

[Photographs by Michael Leddy.]

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Gunther said...

You are welcome, Michael! It was a pleasure for me, and I am delighted to hear that you like the items so much. I enjoy your close examination of the pencils in the photo and your attention to detail – thank you for sharing your thoughts!