Sunday, February 27, 2011

Thornton Dial in Indianapolis

Don’t Matter How Raggly the Flag, It Still Got to Tie Us Together. 2003. 71 × 114 × 8 inches. Collection of the Indianapolis Museum of Art. Click for a larger view.

At the Indianapolis Museum of Art: “Hard Truths: The Art of Thornton Dial.” Elaine and I went to Indianapolis yesterday just to spend an afternoon at a museum. We ended up spending an afternoon looking at Thornton Dial’s work and almost nothing else. Dial is an extraordinary self-taught artist whose drawings, paintings, and sculpture combine abstraction and allegory and all manner of found materials. This seventy-piece first retrospective of his work will travel to New Orleans, Charlotte, and Atlanta.

Hard Truths: The Art of Thornton Dial (IMA)
Letting His Life’s Work Do the Talking (New York Times)

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