Monday, February 28, 2011

The Infinite Jest sign

David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest is divided into twenty-eight unnumbered sections, the shortest just a little more than a page, the longest nearly two-hundred pages. This moon-like sign marks each section’s start. My Mac calls this sign “shadowed white circle,” which sounds like the beginning of a bad haiku.

Later this morning, a few bold souls and I will begin to make our way through Infinite Jest. We will be living under this moon for the next two months. Wish us way more than luck.

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stefan said...

I'd give a great deal to travel with you. Please keep us posted (as I'm sure you will), and bonne chance!

Geo-B said...

Under a shadowed white circle
I gather moonflowers
a bouquet of infinite jest

Michael Leddy said...

Stefan, I wish you could. George, that’s very nice.

Michael Leddy said...

I’ll make one too:

Shadowed white circle —
beginning a long journey
in the Year of Glad