Tuesday, November 30, 2010

“Order updated”

To: Alec, Alma, Bethany, Collin, Dario, Doug, Gail, Gilda, Grover, Harvey, Jake, Jeremy, Krystal, Larry, Leo, Lily, Lizzy, Mandy, Meredith, Nick, Nicol, Norberto, Ophelia, Queen, Richard, Sherlyn, Sonny, Suanne, Tod

From: A grateful customer

Thank you, all of you, for updating my recent order. Was that order crazy, or what? I just couldn’t make up my mind: color, quantity, shipping preference, style: too much to think about! But you guys came through, seriously. Every time I decided to change my order, you were right there with another e-mail: “Order updated.“ Sometimes even before I let you know! You guys! You kept things running smoothly at all times, even when dealing with a total scatter-brain. (Me!)

I have only one question: when can I expect to receive my order?

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comments: 3

Geo-B said...

Surely you can't be serious.

Michael Leddy said...

George, I wrote this post as a reply to selected e-mails in my spam folder: “Order updated,” “Order updated,” “Order updated.”

Michael Leddy said...

To: George

From: Michael

I missed your Leslie Nielsen reference. Sorry.