Thursday, November 4, 2010


Principal Andrew Buck explained in a horribly written memo why books are not necessary at his school, Brooklyn’s Middle School for Art and Philosophy. A sample:

Personal experience aside, which surfaces a concern about the potential adverse affects of textbooks to students learning, let’s return to the essential question of learning and how it is best achieved.
Yes, let’s.

Writing-challenged principal Andrew Buck stands behind his idiotic letter (New York Daily News)

November 5, 2010: For some reason (a stray touchpad or mouse move), comments were off for this post. Now they’re on.

[Post title with apologies to this Daily News headline.]

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normann said...

Only someone with a credential from the slums of academia could be dumb enough to believe that books are not essential to education - and allow his idiocy to become part of the public record. An unfair generalization about colleges of education? Perhaps, but as I always say, "If the dunce cap fits, wear it."