Friday, September 17, 2010

Signage trouble

[Photograph by Michael Leddy.]

The last word of course should be plural: premissis.

More trouble
“Iceburg Lettuce”
“Proffessional Centre”

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macon d said...

My fave is still this one, which I actually saw posted on a store-door:


I was tempted to ask if I could bring in my dog after promising that she wouldn't bark.

(Oh, look what the Google just found! LOL Rabbitz?)

Michael Leddy said...

Ha. :)

Unknown said...

Perhaps there is no alcohol on premisis because the signmaker drank it all before making the sign.

Michael Leddy said...

I wondered about that. (And thank you for following the sign’s spelling!)

normann said...

Funny you should blog on this topic. I just ordered The Great Typo Hunt from With luck it should arrive before I clear out my office.
Now one might expect the odd spelling error on hand-lettered signs posted for the nonce, but when the "fit and finish" of laminate and computer-generated text (by rights it should have been Arial, but the "R" gives it away as Helvetica, or was that you, Michael?) is paired with carelessness and/or ignorance, the juxtaposition is jarring. Opt for the showy and take a pratfall. Sigh.

Michael Leddy said...

The photograph is of the sign itself, Norman. No tinkering, only cropping.