Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bryan A. Garner’s Twitter

If you’re visiting from Bryan A. Garner’s tweet, welcome. This post explains.

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Other Elaine said...

This is my second try to comment; the previous post got some weird error message. Is google having trouble?

Re Bryan Garner:
He lives in DALLAS, but he is blaming YOU for his mental anguish?
I used to live there, if you can call it living.
You think THAT student teacher was bad? I was the receiving teacher with a special-ed-major student teacher, and one student in the class was with-it enough to ask if Egypt was in Africa....and the student teacher said, "No; it's in Asia." And that was just the first day.

Michael Leddy said...

Blogger seems to be having various hiccups right now. But I got your comment on the dolphins.

I’ve heard of a teacher who when asked about the meaning of “eremite” (in a choral setting of Keats’s “Bright Star”) told the students that eremite was an element that Keats discovered.

Elaine said...

Tee hee. Now we need to come up with a whole Eremite confabulation-- its symbol, atomic number, the uses to which this element is put....
Keats sure packed a lotta living into those few short years, eh?

Michael Leddy said...

I’ll suggest an atomic number — zero, in honor of the teacher.

Keats is my favorite Romantic poet.