Saturday, September 11, 2010

Chock full o’Nuts!

Chock full o’Nuts returns to New York!

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adair said...

This is great news. Only it looks from the photo that they'll be serving the coffee in black mugs and not Buffalo-ware cups with saucers...It just doesn't taste the same in a mug.

Michael Leddy said...

Maybe they’re counting on everyone’s having forgotten. : ) If you look at the Eisenstadt photograph though, you see mugs, no saucers. But I’m thinking that you may know more of the history.

I’d like to see one of those sugar dispensers again.

adair said...

By golly, man, you're right: I see the mugs in the photo, though one of them---used by a lady at the counter---seems to have a saucer beneath it. Hard to tell with my eyes. Anyway, nostalgia plays tricks on us! I could have sworn they used heavy Buffalo-ware, with the green stripe around the cup and a buffalo sculpted in low relief on the bottom. (Sometimes the buffalo was just stamped in green.) I don't mind all mugs: the weighty ones at Krsipy Kremes are fine, but the black one shown in the Times photo looks like one of those promotional mugs, thin and better employed as a pencil cup. Anyway: the important things is, like the Blackwing, Chock Full O' Nuts is coming back!

Michael Leddy said...

Yep. I wish I could say more about the mugs, but being a kid, all I ever had at Chock Full was chocolate milk.