Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Harvey Pekar on WKSU

Who Is Harvey Pekar?: thirty-six Pekar commentaries, from WKSU-FM, Kent, Ohio. A sample:

“Once Good Morning America came to Cleveland, and they invited me to be on their show until they saw my comics. Then they said, ‘These stories are so dark; they’re disturbing.’ What do they want? Hugh Downs?”
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Other Elaine said...

We missed WKSU after we left NE Ohio; now we listen to it on internet radio. The only time it's a problem is when the weather report comes on, sometimes engendering panic on my part. LOL

Michael Leddy said...

I know WKSU from driving through Ohio. Your comment reminds me of the disorientation I feel when listening to podcasts while driving: when the show’s close fails to syncs with the half-hour or hour mark, I end up, for just a moment, in the Twilight Zone.