Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thursday Night Live

Says CNN, "You won't want to watch the debate anywhere else." Yes, you might.

The best choice for watching a presidential or vice-presidential debate is C-SPAN. Why? C-SPAN's continuous split-screen lets you see both participants at all times, allowing for all sorts of observations about body language and facial expression.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting. I did not know this. I usually watch presidential debates and speeches, State of the Union addresses, etc. on PBS because I despise the pixel footprints of the 24/7 news networks. Indeed, when watching something like a debate, I find all the crap most networks put the screen — e.g., the scrolling tickers and other digital on-screen graphics — stupefying.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip. Should be fun. Any word on whether they'll fit her with an ear-piece like they did Bush?

(Found you on boing boing.)

Anonymous said...

You've been BoingBoing'ed.

Michael Leddy said...

Matt, C-SPAN also makes the conventions more watchable—no commentary. (Must remember for four years from now.)

Feng, I'm afraid I can't reveal what I know about the ear-piece. : )

Thanks, Anon. I knew about Hi and Lois, but not about this post.

Mr. David M. Beyer said...

Thanks for the tip -- my wife's teaches a public speaking class and I just earned bonus points for passing that on!

Unknown said...


(Man, you know what else I liked about CSPAN? The way they lingered on the stage after the debate to show several minutes of awkward mingling. I'm not being facetious, it was totally awesome.)

John said...

great suggestion! Best view in town.

Thanks for sharing!