Monday, October 20, 2008

Frank O'Hara and Mad Men again

Frank O'Hara's Meditations in an Emergency reappeared last night in Mad Men, in Anna Draper's house, as the subject of four sentences' worth of conversation:

Dick/Don: "You read it?"

Anna: "I did. It reminded me of New York. And it made me worry about you."
Thus far, FOH's book seems to be a MacGuffin. But the series seems to be promising more, as the season's upcoming final episode is titled "Meditations in an Emergency." My guess is that what will prove relevant is the last line of the poem "Mayakovsky" ("perhaps I am myself again") or simply the book's title, serving as a metaphor for a moment of crisis and decision in Dick's/Don's life.

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The Chemist said...

I hear a lot about Mad Men. I've been thinking of getting cable, if only for the Daily Show. I need another distraction from studying.

will said...

I suppose cable tv is pervasive - but I don't have it and won't get it - whenever I read comments about a cable show it's as if I was reading a newspaper written in Chinese or German or French. I'm clueless.