Friday, October 17, 2008

Brad Pitt and Homer's Odyssey

From Variety:

After turning Homer’s epic poem "The Iliad" into the 2004 film "Troy," Warner Bros. and Brad Pitt are teaming with George Miller to adapt the Greek poet’s other masterwork, "The Odyssey."

Their intention is to transfer the tale to a futuristic setting in outer space.

Warner Bros. has quietly set up "The Odyssey," and the early hope is that Pitt will star and Miller will direct, with Pitt’s Plan B producing. Pitt played Achilles in the Wolfgang Petersen-directed "Troy," a global blockbuster that David Benioff adapted from "The Iliad."

Both Homer poems dealt with the Trojan War; "The Odyssey" focused on the exploits of Odysseus, who hatched the idea to build the Trojan Horse. "The Odyssey" deals with his long journey home after he declines to become a god.
Well, sort of.

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Elaine Fine said...

Sure. I go see it with you. Maybe they'll give HAL a cameo as the cyclops.

Michael Leddy said...

Elaine, did I say I wanted to go?! But I guess I'll have to, so thank you for volunteering to go with me. (A date!)

Chaser said...

I had a similar feeling when I saw a blurb for the movie version of Les Miserables (in which Charles Laughton plays Javert) it said: "Ex-con goes straight and deals with obsessed cop."

Uh....sort of.

Michael Leddy said...

That's very funny. I wonder whether the writer was having fun. (I hope so.)

Geo-B said...

You saw a trailer for Charles Laughton's Les Miserables? Dude, how old are you? I'm sixty and when I told my daughter (14) in the car today that Josh Brolin was hosting Saturday Night Live tonight, she said , "Is that the old guy?" Saturday Light Live is no show for old men.

Michael Leddy said...

Lisa, do you want to step in here?