Tuesday, October 28, 2008

People, it's bad (Hi and Lois)

People, it's bad. The economy, yes, of course. But also today's Hi and Lois. You'll have to follow the link for this one — I won't have it here.

Is Hi working on a train? That would account for the changing cityscape behind him. The window changes position from panel to panel, true, but his desk may be on wheels.

In the first two panels, Hi's chair seems to be at about the height of a baby's high chair, but that makes a sort of sense if Hi is speaking to Trixie. The baby vibe might also explain why Hi becomes smaller in the second panel.

But there's no reasonable (or far-fetched) explanation for Hi's missing collar, or the missing piece of paper, or that telephone — or that "telephone." Here, from the family archives, is how to draw a telephone:

[Pencil and stick-on letters, by Ben Leddy or Rachel Leddy. Used with permission.]
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macon d said...

Yes, that Liddle Leddy phone is a MUCH better representation than that amorphous slab tied by a string to Hi's boxy handset.

That strip IS bad. I wouldn't have it here either. Nor anywhere else. Phew!

And maybe it's just me, but, isn't there supposed to be a joke in there somewhere?

Slywy said...

At first, between its shape and the way he was holding it, I thought he was eating a gray metal sandwich, then I noticed it was plugged into a flat pad on his desk. Hmmm.

Someone really should let them know. It's embarrassing.

Michael Leddy said...

I think the jokes have all moved here. I'm offering a value-added comics experience.

It does look like Hi is eating, or shaving. Elaine and I both wondered if that object is supposed to be a mouse (in which case, Hi is playing "pretend"), but there are the twin circles that mean "phone."

Anonymous said...

How do you hang it up? Perhaps that is why (against his better judgment), he hands the phone to his boss.

Anonymous said...

Aha ha ha ha!

Michael Leddy said...

Well played, Anon.

Yibpl, we need more people like you. : )

Jai said...

I was about to make the case for the "telephone" actually being a laptop computer with a mouse, but I've been beaten to the punch. In any case, a laptop so thin that it cannot be drawn with a horizontal bisecting line (This is an excuse I've made up for the sole purpose of proving it wrong) shouldn't be dark grey, as it would be an Apple product. Nor should the bottom of the mouse curve, or (As mentioned) have two circles - perhaps it is very futuristic, though, and contains both a trackball AND an optical sensor?

As for collars... both men are wearing clip-on ties. There are no collars.

Mysteriously, the vertical lines at the top left corners change from "varying lengths in an arched pattern" to "varying lengths in a uniform diagonal pattern" to "Browne".

Michael Leddy said...

Too funny, Jai.

I like those lines — it's as if every wall is wearing fringe (except when it's wearing "Browne").

Anonymous said...

Oh no! The boss' eyebrows fall off!