Saturday, March 1, 2008

Victoria's Secret "too sexy"

Not from The Onion:

Victoria's Secret likes to ask in its marketing, "What is sexy?" Now the lingerie chain is trying to figure out, "What's too sexy?"

The chief executive of the brand known for its provocative televised fashion shows and alluring stores made an admission yesterday. In her mind, the brand has become "too sexy" — or at least the wrong kind of sexy.

"We have so much gotten off our heritage," CEO Sharen Jester Turney said in a conference call with analysts.
Read the rest: Apparently, You Can Be Too Sexy (Wall Street Journal)

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Anonymous said...

It's too late to ask the question. The ads became to sexy when they began to feature Bob Dylan. (And by "sexy," I mean of course "unintentionally hilarious" and "wildly incongrous.")

Michael Leddy said...

I regret to say that I have now seen the Dylan commercial, which lives on YouTube. What were they thinking? But I'm glad to know that I can buy my cowboy hats at Victoria's Secret.

"to sexy": You must be grading papers, eh? The same thing happens to me.

Anonymous said...

Michael--I'd like to use grading as an excuse, but I can't. The truth is, I read your Victoria's Secret post last night, awoke with the response in my head, and commented before I'd had any coffee. I should know better than to think or write sans caffeine, but thanks for trying to provide some cover for my error.