Tuesday, September 10, 2019

A toast tip

From the manual accompanying our new toaster: “Do not place buttered breads in the toaster, as this could create a fire hazard.”

I daresay that’s not the only reason not to place buttered breads in the toaster.

Also from this manual
“Multiple shade options” : “Two equal halves”

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The Arthurian said...

“Do not place buttered breads in the toaster...”
Aah!! What did I see today? Lawn Equipments:
"Bolt 3/8-16 X 2-1/2 Carriage [539128101] for Lawn Equipments | eReplacement Parts"

This is what happens when China buys all your stuff, then has to write their own documentation for it.

I liked your "two equal halves"..."not three halves" observation, too.

Michael Leddy said...

3/8-16? Try asking for that at the hardware store.

I think with the toaster that they’re looking to preclude all possible lawsuits. Thus the directive to read the manual every time you’re going to use the toaster.

Gunther said...

Thank you for sharing these tidbits from the manual! As a technical writer I get a kick out of that :-)

Michael Leddy said...

I’m glad you enjoyed them, Gunther.