Monday, December 31, 2018

How to clear your place

Alert facilitator that you are done with your meal: “Go.” Wait for assistance.

Once free and standing, take plate from facilitator. Grasp plate in both hands. Make sure that facilitator has taken wastebasket out from under-sink cabinet. Walk toward wastebasket.

Hold plate high. High, high, high. All the way up. That’s it. All the way up. Yay!

Tip plate to drop food into wastebasket, or onto floor. Uh-oh!

Wait for assistance. A piece of bagel on floor? Pick up! Enjoy! Facilitator will place any other floor food in basket before returning basket to cabinet.

Push cabinet door shut. Yay! Good job! Wait for applause.


[That’s how our granddaughter Talia, fourteen months old, does it. YMMV. Thanks to Rachel for reminding me about the bagel.]

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Michael Leddy said...

Shoot — Fresca, I deleted your comment by mistake. I second the YAY!