Monday, July 2, 2018

An Almodóvar Jotter

[Matador (dir. Pedro Almodóvar, 1986. Click for a much larger view.]

The police commissioner (Eusebio Poncela) holds a Parker T-Ball Jotter. I’ve also noticed Parker T-Ball Jotters in Homicide, Populaire, and Shattered Glass.

The Parker T-Ball Jotter is my favorite ballpoint pen. Stop me before I notice again!

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Geo-B said...

My favorite ball point pen is exactly none. When we signed papers to refinance our mortgage, they made me use a ball point because it was blue and the ink in my fountain pen was black, which when it was duplicated would not show up as the original. So last week when I had to sign a series of papers, they said it made no difference and I could use my pen, so I was happy. I've always used a fountain pen, since I was in elementary school, but I have to say honestly that pen technology has improved so much since the 1950s that a lot of ball point pens write smoothly and elegantly, without globbing.

Michael Leddy said...

My affection for the T-Ball Jotter is partly sentimentality (my first real pen in kidhood). It is a really good pen, but I too favor fountain pens.