Friday, June 29, 2018

I’m not sure there’s even
an A.Word.A.Day word for this one

The New York Times examines the close relationship between our president and the son of a retiring Supreme Court justice:

“Say hello to your boy,” Mr. Trump said. “Special guy.”

Mr. Trump was apparently referring to Justice Kennedy’s son, Justin. The younger Mr. Kennedy spent more than a decade at Deutsche Bank, eventually rising to become the bank’s global head of real estate capital markets, and he worked closely with Mr. Trump when he was a real estate developer, according to two people with knowledge of his role.

During Mr. Kennedy’s tenure, Deutsche Bank became Mr. Trump’s most important lender, dispensing well over $1 billion in loans to him for the renovation and construction of skyscrapers in New York and Chicago at a time other mainstream banks were wary of doing business with him because of his troubled business history.
I have no evens to can’t.

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Pete said...

Sheesh. No conflict of interest there at all, right? Maybe Kennedy’s retirement isn’t such a bad thing after all. To me this news throws doubt on every decision in 2017-18 that Kennedy sided with the conservatives.

The Crow said...

My first thought was, "Well, we're screwed," then couldn't determine why I thought that. I think my confusion is an indication of my general sense of disconnect where Trump and his regime is concerned.

So much for my (evidently false) hope that things will get better. I keep thinking that each new repulsive revelation about Trump and his connections with unsavory characters will be the one that will mobilize our citizens to take to the streets with hay forks, cudgels, buckets of tar, and bags of feathers. That the next "Millions of Americans" march will sweep the halls of Congress clean, ridding us of all politicians loathe to act on our behalf.

Oh. That must have been the daydream from my nap a few minutes ago. It was a good dream; thought it was real.