Saturday, June 23, 2018

From the Saturday Stumper

My three favorite clues from today’s challenging-at-first-but-surprisingly-doable-after-all Newsday Saturday Stumper, by Matthew Sewell:

27-Across, eight letters: “Turkey dinner.”

59-Across, ten letters: “One in a string band?”

23-Down, eleven letters: “Group outside the class system.” HOMESCHOOLS? No.

Oh — and did you know there was a REESE?

No spoilers, aside from the REESE, which may spoil your appetite. The answers are in the comments.

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shallnot said...

"Turkey dinner" reminded me of something from 25+ years ago: never trust expert opinion. For a turkey, should you ask a turkey, should be stuffed with grit and worms.


P.S. Mmarionette? That's a bit of a stretch.

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