Wednesday, June 20, 2018


Aaron Blake, writing in The Washington Post about an impending executive order to end the practice of separating parents and children at the U.S.–Mexico border:

Rarely has the White House so tacitly and unmistakably admitted to overplaying its hand. And rarely has it so blatantly copped to its own dishonesty about its actions. [Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen] Nielsen, in particular, has a lot of explaining to do. But this whole thing is an extremely ugly chapter. And it makes clear that, from Day One, this was a political gambit to force an immigration bill through. It didn't work.

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Pete said...

And just like North Korea, he’ll take credit for defusing a situation that he helped create and/or escalate. Sorry, but nobody deserves credit for cleaning up their own messes.

Michael Leddy said...

I think that only the most zealous true believers will give him credit here. I fear that the continued “zero-tolerance” policy and the lack of a clear plan to reunite parents and children will make for a months- or years-long humanitarian crisis.