Friday, June 15, 2018

An editorial

A New York Times editorial: “Seizing Children From Parents at the Border Is Immoral. Here’s What We Can Do About It.” Have you called your representatives in Congress yet?

And now, just minutes ago: “Trump says he would oppose immigration bill cobbled together by House GOP, dealing a blow to leaders rallying support for it” (The Washington Post).

[There is such a thing as overriding a veto.]

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Daughter Number Three said...

I just heard two fresh suggestions on interacting with our reps. One is to send them photos of young children (possibly our own children when young, or our grandchildren) when we email to make this situation more real. Talk about what it's like to miss six months of a young child's life, as a parent. The photos make that more real.

The other was for those of us with reps who already oppose the Trump administration's actions: encourage them to do what Jeff Merkley and Pramila Jayapal have done and insist on seeing the places where the children are being held.

Michael Leddy said...

Great suggestions. Our member of the House is never available to his constituents save for closed events for select audiences. We get to talk only to an aide or an answering machine. I did identify myself as a parent and grandparent when I called yesterday.

I have to hope that some of Trump’s supporters who espouse “family values” and Christian values move away from him on this question.

Pete said...

And he’s blaming family separation on a “Democrat law” that doesn’t exist. Hey, if you’re going to be heartless and destroy families in your quest to rid the country of dark-skinned people who don’t vote for your party, at least be honest about the fact that that is your exact intent.

Michael Leddy said...

Every time I think we’ve hit some sort of bottom for cruelty, the bottom drops out.