Sunday, February 25, 2018

NPR, sheesh

The “Democratic memo” didn’t drop. The House Intelligence Committee released it.

Movies and records drop. But as Elaine said at breakfast, “This isn’t show business.”

Things that should drop: hints, balloons, a line, the other shoe. Pins, as long as you can hear them. The mic, though I hate that spelling. I’m out.

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Slywy said...

I would have thought "mike."

shallnot said...

You can also, according to Canadian hip-hopper Maestro Fresh Wes, “Drop the Needle”: Is that song almost 30 years old? Sheesh!

Other drops I’ve head: “drop the dead donkey” and “drop by sometime”.

Michael Leddy said...

“Open mic” get 13.8 million results in Google; “open mike,” 506,000. A search for “mike drop” changes to “mic drop.” I think the c is winning. M-W has entries for both mic and mike.

The needle drop: I know it’s what DJs do, though I don’t know that tune.

Also bombs, trou, a stitch (though you shouldn’t drop a stitch). For the bombs, I’d rather think of a drummer than a warplane.

What’s the donkey about?