Friday, January 19, 2018

Just a thought

Children restrained, taunted with food: I wonder if so-called blanket training is a partial explanation of what went on in David and Louise Turpin’s house. Just a thought.

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Fresca said...

OMG! Or taunt the baby with something they like, such as, pictured, a stuffed animal!
So, so wrong in every way.
This makes me cry--with rage as well as horror and pity.

Michael Leddy said...

It’s sick. I learned about this sort of thing only recently and am horrified to realize that it’s all around us in the “heartland.”

Daughter Number Three said...

I also wanted to write OMG as my first word, but Fresca beat me to it.

I had no idea they did this. I knew they believe in "spare the rod, spoil the child," of course, but not that they set the kids up this way.

Sick is right.

Frex said...

And it has interesting political ramifications, don't you think?
Raising a class of people to be obedient and to distrust their own--and others'--instincts for good? And if one becomes a leader, what sort of tactics would this person use?

Reminds me of the old British public schools, where children were sent by people who loved them, because it was good for them--
a psychologist has even given their fallout a name: Boarding School Syndrome.
This mix of love and betrayal is such a weird potent mix--
and it works really well to raise a ruling class, one that rules without empathy (justice without mercy).

From a review in the Guardian:

"In the 20th century a clutch of authors, from George Orwell to Roald Dahl, wrote in their different ways about the systemic cruelty, psychological and physical, and of its wider effects.

"One of those was the establishment of the principle, among the elite and the ordinary, that to have been brutalised at a boarding school was key to becoming the right sort of Briton – one that might run an empire or a corporation, or a cricket team.
Naturally, as the proven best way to educate a ruling caste, the system spread across the English-speaking world."

Michael Leddy said...

That’s ghastly. And in both scenarios, there’s no one to appeal to for help.