Saturday, May 27, 2017

Seth Godin’s “I don’t care”

From a Design Matters interview with Seth Godin. Godin notes that his blog’s readership is half what it was five years ago:

“Is my blog half as good as it was five years ago? I don’t think so. So what does it mean? It means that consumption trends have changed. Fine. I don’t care.”
I like this guy’s attitude. Godin has also said that even if no one were to read his blog, he’d still write it. Seth’s Blog began in January 2002.

[“Five years ago”: that’d be before the disappearance of Google Reader.]

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count reeshard said...

I'm certainly with you on this one. Definitely endorse Mr. Godin's stance and, years into using Feedly, I still miss Google Reader.

Michael Leddy said...

Me too. From what I’ve read, down by half seems to be pretty standard with the loss of Google Reader. It certainly has been for me.

Fresca said...

Funny, I'd just written about the ups and downs of my blog views.
I don't miss having more readers, I miss having more bloggers to read--casual bloggers like me, not the specialized ones who are still around, who are more like journalists, not mutual laborers in the field of Blog.

Looks like Godin doesn't accept comments on his blog, and he still gets thousands of views, I'd guess, judging from his FB-likes counter.

Michael Leddy said...

Yes, he’s something of a force — books, branding. I used to confuse him with Clay Shirky. (So much for branding?)

I too like reading people who write about everything. But it does seem that there are fewer people who keep at it, day after day.

Michael Leddy said...

P.S.: I had to turn off my adblocking extension to see the Facebook counter on Godin’s blog. I guess that says something about how I think about writing online. The adblocker counted 107 items to block on his blog’s main page.

Slywy said...

I still write mine (or intend to, although time and energy are lacking), but it's never had a readership. It's just for me.

Fresca said...

Ah, ads...they make readership numbers more important.