Monday, April 10, 2017

Tea “in times like these”

[Life, September 25, 1950. Click either image for a much larger view.]

“Stress, strain and worry from morning to night,” says the Tea Council. “People are finding that tea does wonderful things for them in times like these,” says the Tea Council. “It helps relieve your mind of any thought that you won’t sleep well,” says the Tea Council. I’d go further: tea helps relieve your mind of any thought. It is second only to the lotus in its erasing power.

What was I just saying?

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Fresca said...

Oh, I love this!
I always thought it was silly in British murder mysteries when someone is offered a cup of tea after they've discovered a dead body, but I read that it really does help calm a body...
Just looked it up, and it seems part of the calm comes from the *ritual* of making tea--or the comfort of having it made for them:
""The present study shows that during periods of stress tea's reputation for inducing calm extends beyond the effects of its physical properties on our bodies and brains.""

Anyway, the other hand--- you've read Excellent Women by Barbara Pym?

“Perhaps there can be too much making of cups of tea, I thought, as I watched Miss Statham filling the heavy teapot.
Did we really need a cup of tea? I even said as much to Miss Statham and she looked at me with a hurt, almost angry look, 'Do we need tea? she echoed. 'But Miss Lathbury...' She sounded puzzled and distressed and I began to realise that my question had struck at something deep and fundamental. It was the kind of question that starts a landslide in the mind.”

*heads off to make herself a cup of Lady Grey*

Michael Leddy said...

Thanks for the medical study and the Pym. I haven’t read that novel, but I can identify with Miss Statham.

As Elaine points out to me, I am highly susceptible to old ads. I guess I’m not the only one. :)