Monday, March 13, 2017

Roger Angell on Trump tweeting

Roger Angell:

Mr. Trump, for me, has become Tweety, peeping out soprano observations from his high, caged perch. The old Looney Tunes dialogue follows automatically: “Tewwible! Just found out that Pwesident Obama tapped my phones at Twump Tower!”

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Zhoen said...

Ever wonder about the cartoon preference for birds and mice over cats? Especially mice, really, since they are pests. Cats we keep as pets, but they are shown as monsters, and stupid ones. Mice... well, most of us prefer them outside the house, and kill any inside.

Michael Leddy said...

I suppose it’s small = cute.

The thought of killing a mouse makes me squeamish, but not because of cuteness, just because of mess. I’ve actually scooped a mouse up in a superdeep dustpan and taken it out to the backyard.