Thursday, June 23, 2016

Red Rose redesign

[The old and the new.]

It is difficult to find Red Rose Irish Breakfast tea in stores. We hadn’t bought a box in years. When I finally decided to order a few boxes from This Bulging River, I was surprised to see a redesign in the direction of the dowdy. The new design looks older, flatter, plainer. The tea tag is dowdier too. You’ll have to take my word for that, as I have no old tag with which to compare.

Red Rose Irish Breakfast is once again our household’s favorite all-occasion black tea. Better than Twinings, more drinkable than Barry’s or Punjana. Not expensive. And now, dowdy.


5:09 p.m.: Elaine found an old Red Rose English Breakfast teabag. Here are old and new tags for comparison. The old Irish tag was of course black and green. The new tag: dowdy!

[The old and the new.]

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[“This Bulging River”: my name of the moment for Amazon. With apologies to the Mississippi and Waiting for Guffman .]

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The Crow said...

You can order directly from Red Rose - - out of Canada, the original home of Red Rose.

If you save the figurines, you can order them direct, as well. I, too, love their Irish Breakfast. Better than Harney and Sons, who produce some fantastic teas, varietal and blends. (I used to sell them at my tea shop in the local farmers market several years ago.)

The Crow said...

Oops! That first URL is for the US site, I think. They blend for American tastes.

Here's the one for Canada, which blends for Canadian and English preferences. Sturdier blends, which I prefer.

The Crow said...

Well, back again. Looks like the US website is the only one to carry the Irish Breakfast, though I'd have sworn on my old Brown Betty pot the Canadian site did, as well.

Feel free to modify or delete any of these, Michael. Should have double-checked before I commented.

Michael Leddy said...

Delete a comment about tea? Never!

Free shipping makes Amazon hard to resist for us. Now I’m curious about Canadian Breakfast tea, but the cost of shipping (from Canadian Wal-Mart!) is pretty steep (no pun intended).

Martha, the only other person I know to call tea “sturdy” is Professor Kingsfield from The Paper Chase . When he’s stuck at Hart’s apartment in a blizzard, he says that anything “hot and sturdy” will do. Hart gives him Twinings Earl Grey. You have illustrious company.

Daughter Number Three said...

Hmm... I prefer the new (dowdy) designs of both the box and tags. But not in a major way. I just find them both a bit more soothing, because they are not trying as hard.

Michael Leddy said...

Yes, less of a “refined” look.