Thursday, May 5, 2016


[A list of my own.]

Donald (Don) Adams, actor, comedian.

Donald Allen, editor and anthologist, The New American Poetry 1945–1960 .

Donald Ayler, trumpeter.

Donald (Don) Bachardy, painter.

Donald Barthelme, writer.

Donald Byrd, trumpeter.

Donald Byrne, chess player, defeated by Bobby Fischer in the “Game of the Century,” 1956.

Donald (Don) Byron, clarinetist, composer.

Donald (Don) Cheadle, actor.

Donald (Don) Cherry, trumpeter.

Donald (Don) DeLillo, writer.

Donald (Don) Draper, Mad Man.

Donald (Don) Drysdale, baseball player.

Donald Duck, toon.

Donald “Duck” Dunn, bassist.

Donald Fagen, musician, songwriter.

Donald Hall, poet.

Donald Hollinger, boyfriend, That Girl .

Donald Judd, sculptor.

Donald Knuth, computer scientist, e-mail non-user.

Dónal Lunny, musician, producer. (Close enough.)

Donald (Don) McLean, singer, songwriter.

Donald Meek, actor.

Donald (Don) Most, actor.

Donald (Don) Newcombe, baseball player.

Donald O’Connor, actor, dancer, singer.

Donald (Donny) Osmond, singer.

Donald Pleasance, actor.

Donald (Don) Quixote, knight errant.

Donald (Don) Rickles, actor, comedian.

Donald (Don) Shirley, pianist.

Donald Sobol, writer, the Encyclopedia Brown series.

Donald Sutherland, actor.

Donald Westlake, writer.

[May 5, 6: More Donalds added. Barthelme, DeLillo, and Lunny from readers’ comments. Thanks.]

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misterbagman said...

Does Don[ald] DeLillo count?

misterbagman said...

... or Donald Barthelme?

Michael Leddy said...

Sure. I just didn’t think of them.

Michael Leddy said...

Oh — and Donald Meek, the actor.

Chris said...

Donald Quixote is seriously cheating. I'll add Dónal Lunny, Irish musician and producer.

Michael Leddy said...

Yes, but I held back on adding the Donalds Corleone, Giovanni, and Juan. Just once with the joke.