Saturday, May 14, 2016

A Henry scooter

[Henry , May 14, 2016.]

Sigh. Kids really did ride around on scooters made from produce crates and roller skates. I remember teenagers and near-teenagers using them in street games in Brooklyn, games of combat, I think. By the time I might have been old enough, scooters had passed.

[“Young boy playing w. his fruit crate scooter which he made by nailing the wheel parts fr. an old roller skate to a wooden plank & adding the crate.” Photograph by Ralph Morse. New York, New York. June 1947. From the Life Photo Archive.]

In 2014 a Kickstarter project produced a pre-fab simulacrum with screen-printed graphics, the Skate Crate (starting at $179). I prefer that chalked 2 .

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