Friday, November 21, 2014

Mark Trail interjections

[“Whooa!” Mark Trail, November 11, 2014.]

[“Whoa!” Mark Trail, November 21, 2014.]

I do not yet understand the grammar of Mark Trail’s interjections. Is whooa reserved for interior monologue? For underwater use? For moments when one’s own life is in danger, and not some bear’s? For use when one is at least partly clothed? Clearly, more study is needed. Whooa!

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[I think it unlikely that whooa is what Van Dyke Parks calls a misprink.]

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Elaine said...

Plus it's a beaver lodge, anyway. Seldom see beaver where there are alligators, for some reason....

Bill Reed said...

It all came rushing back to me "MARKKKKK TRAILLLL! Brought to you by Quaker Oats." I didn't even have to google this. Stuck there in my brain pan for sixty-some-odd years. Now for my next number: "Get Redi, get Redi, get Redi-wip. It's the easy, thrifty way to have dessert magic at your finger tips, just try it and you'll say 'We keep Redi-wip on our icebox shelf. . ..'" And so on and so forth. That's permanently embedded there, also.

Michael Leddy said...

Elaine, it sounds as though you know the Great Dismal Swamp. : )

Bill, have you seen (I mean heard) the Mark Trail episodes at

Amazing to think of a time when Mark Trail was a king of all media.

Bill Reed said...

Haven't listened to M. Trail lately. More of a TCM kinda guy these days. Oops . . .gotta go. Sullivan's Travels just starting.