Saturday, April 26, 2014

VDP on American Routes

Nick Spitzer’s radio program American Routes has two hours of and with Van Dyke Parks and Tom McDermott. Listen here: Creole Eyes and Classical Ears: Van Dyke Parks and Tom McDermott.

A Parks thought:

“I would prefer to have recognition in my lifetime. The hell with immortality. Who needs it? I don’t. I would love to have the riches that come or the sustenance that comes from an easy life in the arts. But that is not to be. And at the age of seventy-one, all I can say is, I’ve had enough, and I’m grateful, because enough to me is plenty to go on.”
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[I always thought it was roots. Heard, not seen.]

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The Crow said...

Re: Parks' quote-

My new motto for living as I enter my dusk* years.

(*Not quite twilight, but fading faster than I want.)

Michael Leddy said...

He’s endlessly quotable. I often tell my students another one (I’m not quoting word for word): that the only important thing in life is to be able to say: I did the best I could. I did what I had to do. I did the right thing.

The Crow said...

Now I know what's going on my grave marker - too cool, Michael; thanks, again.

(Marker is an ancient mill stone. Have been waiting for the right words to have engraved upon it.)