Tuesday, April 1, 2014

LegalZoom exploits Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death to promote its services

From a LegalZoom e-mail with the subject line “Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Last Will: What We Can Learn”:

[“Change is a part of life. But sometimes, people forget that when it comes to estate planning. Let the late Philip Seymour Hoffman's case serve as a prime example of how important it is to keep your will up-to-date to ensure your wishes can be fulfilled when you pass on.”]

This sales ploy is beyond tasteless. It is in truth obscene: “offensive to moral principles; repugnant” (New Oxford American Dictionary). Shame on LegalZoom for seizing upon Hoffman’s terrible end as a way to market its services.

LegalZoom offers no way to explain the choice to unsubscribe from its e-mails. If you call to give feedback (1-800-773-0888), you’ll be directed to a “Contact us” page. It’s possible to leave a written message there.

[And sending this e-mail on April 1: what were they thinking?]

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