Thursday, March 20, 2014

Lifetyme Mixed Grass Seed

[Click for a larger view.]

I know that the first day of spring isn’t necessarily the best day to sow grass seed, but it is a good day to post something about grass seed. I’ve had this empty bag sitting around for months. I like the proliferating fonts, the unnecessary “quotation marks,” and the reassuring words at the bottom. It’s better to live life without crabgrass, isn’t it? Who wants to be crabby? Oh, her.

“Lifeless in appearance,” as the poet says, “sluggish / dazed spring approaches.”

[Lifetyme, or what I shall call The Real Sod-Builder Shady, is a product of Behm & Hagemann, Inc., East Peoria, Illinois. No connection to my friend Stefan.]

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Stefan said...

I'm sorry that we're not related (or if we are, so distantly as to be unaware). It might have helped. Our lawn was so shabby growing up that I'd swear my dad went out of his way to buy the stuff that DID come with crabgrass seed. Dandelions and nettles too.

Michael Leddy said...

I tend to think of a perfect lawn as a sign of a disordered mind — there are more important things to tend to. But that damn vinca.