Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Levenger misspelling


It seems like just yesterday that I wrote this sentence: “The problem with paying attention to words: you’re always paying attention.” That’s because it was yesterday, in this post.

A Levenger catalogue came in today’s mail. I always scan the handwriting in Levenger photographs and was surprised by a word, or non-word, in the sample above. That’s not how to spell palette .

Part of being a good speller is knowing when you should look up a word. If a word is even slightly unfamiliar, it can be smart to check. Then again, if you can plunk down $129 for Levenger’s Tyler Folio, you can probably spell words any damn way you please. Then again again, if you’re preparing a page for a nationally distributed catalogue, you should check the dictionary.

Other items from the Levenger catalogue
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The Crow said...

Maybe it was an advertising ploy to make customers pay attention to the ad.

Or, perhaps, get them to blog about their catalog. I haven't received one of their catalogs for several years, but your blog has reminded me of how much I enjoyed daydreaming about owning one of their gorgeous instruments.
Thanks for that.

Elaine said...

This just made me realize that Levenger's cut me off....for nonsupport, I guess.

The kidz got me a pair of scissors for Christmas one year--along with signed pledges not to borrow them or use them to cut paper. Still safe!