Sunday, March 24, 2013

Staplers of the Times

“Staplers are still such a fact of everyday life that we’ve lost sight of what a triumph of manufacturing they are. They can bend metal — no batteries or electricity required”: The Attachment That Still Makes Noise (New York Times).

Found via Submitted for Your Perusal, whose Sunday Times posts always point to something I’ve overlooked.

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Pete said...

Last evening I confessed my office-supply geekiness to my wife's family. It was my nephew's 13th birthday party, the theme for which was NBA basketball, and the main party favors were pencils emblazoned with little basketballs. I was the only adult to claim a pencil - in fact, I took two. Being a writer, I was already an outlier with my in-laws (who rarely read anything more complex than 50 Shades of Grey or Nicholas Sparks) but my professed love of pencils has now pushed me to a whole new level of otherness.

Michael Leddy said...

It’s great to come clean, isn’t it? I’ve loved such stuff from childhood (my dad turned me on to art supplies and such), but I really went off the deep end when I stopped smoking cigarettes (1989). Paper, pencils, pens became my new paraphernalia.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Michael. I'd be lying if I said I didn't have you in mind when I saw this article. It was you, after all, who inspired me to buy a Tot 50 to carry in my bag so that I may never be without a stapler.

Michael Leddy said...

Matt, I am proud to be a role model.