Friday, March 15, 2013

On joining a museum

Elaine and I had never considered a membership in the Art Institute of Chicago. We live at a great distance, and we visit just a few times a year. But as a helpful fellow at the ticket counter pointed out yesterday, just two visits a year would recoup the cost. A membership for one gets us admission for two, along with a magazine, a 10% discount on purchases, safe passage to the Member Lounge (with free coffee and tea), and, yes, a totebag. We have promised not to fight over the totebag.

There are some great things at the AIC now. Among them: an enormous Picasso exhibition, an exhibition of Chicago immigrant and migrant experience in art (with a woodcut by Elaine’s great-uncle Aaron Bohrod), Irving Penn’s chewing-gum-on-pavement photographs, and work inspired by or made in collaboration with poets (Frank O’Hara and Larry Rivers FTW). And the Greek, Roman, and Byzantine art is back.

[Kylix (Wine Cup). Greek, Athens. Attributed to the Workshop of Nikosthenes. 530/520 B.C. Terracotta, decorated in the black-figure technique. Anonymous loan.]

[Pablo Picasso, White Owl on Red Ground. Vallauris, March 25, 1957. Red earthenware clay, decoration in engobes, knife engraved. Private collection.]

An unexpected benefit of membership: running into a old friend and colleague—in the Member Lounge.

Perhaps you too should join a museum.

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[Descriptions verbatim from the AIC information cards.]

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Elaine Fine said...

I should add that I also had my first taste of Rishi's terrific (the best I have ever had) Earl Grey there. With few cups of that, valet parking ($11 cheaper than the municipal garage), and discounts on lunch, snacks, and gift shop purchases, we'll make out like bandits this year and in the years to come.

Michael Leddy said...

Bandits with totebags.

Elaine Fine said...

With ONE totebag.

Michael Leddy said...

Yes, but next year: TWO.

Elaine Fine said...

I dunno. I think it's a one time thing.

Michael Leddy said...

A totebag is a one-time thing? God, no!

(See here.)