Monday, October 15, 2012


I discovered this 2" x 1" inspection slip Saturday night in the inner right-hand pocket of a tweed jacket. It’s the kind of jacket my son Ben once called a “professor jacket.” (That term is now part of our fambly’s vocabulary.) This professor jacket is by Lands’ End, and is old enough to have been made in the United States. I’ve had it for well over a decade, perhaps closer to fifteen years.

Betty Tingle, if you’re out there: I finally got your message. The jacket was perfect at the start and has held up well. The inspection slip bearing your name has gone back to the inner right-hand pocket.

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Berit said...

I find myself wanting to "thumbs-up" or "+1" this post, which is a departure as I usually despise those functions.

Recently, the white paper carry-out bags our local pizzeria uses are stamped on the bottom with a name and date of production. And perhaps a country, too, as I have a strong impression that they were produced in South or Central America.

Michael Leddy said...

Well, thanks.

I used to like seeing names on paper grocery-bags. But I can’t remember the last time I carried a paper grocery-bag. (It’s string bags in our household.)