Tuesday, October 9, 2012

An afterthought

If I were Boing Boing, the title of the previous post might’ve read like so: Hardee’s commercial likens young women, virgins to breakfast meat. No reply yet from Hardee’s or the advertising agency responsible for the commercial. (I’ve called them both.)

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Berit said...

I'm so interested to hear what they (Hardee's and Ad Agency) have to say to you!

For personal reasons, I'm not much for blues and etc., but you'd think they'd have done a little more vetting on the music!

Also disturbing to me is the sfx audio added to illustrate the act of biting into the biscuit. Why is it making such a loud, "gelatinously crunchy" noise. I felt my stomach turn over as I watched it.

Michael Leddy said...

Hi Berit. I guess neither of us is the “hungry young guy” of Hardee’s target audience. I’m still hoping for a reply but beginning to doubt that I’ll receive one.

Berit said...

Oops, missed a question mark in there. I apologize.

Isn't it early yet? Still time for them to make a timely response as long as it is this week, I think.

By the way, my boyfriend laughed aloud when I read him your "single entendre blues" one-liner. Good stuff. :D