Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Netflix and Limbaugh

[See updates below.]

From The Atlantic (via Boing Boing), here’s a list of advertisers still doing business with Rush Limbaugh. The list includes Netflix.

I called Netflix last night to share my thoughts on the company’s Limbaugh connection and spoke with a friendly person who offered to type, word for word, what I had to say. She made it clear that Netflix is interested in what subscribers think about the matter. The Netflix toll-free number, open around the clock:

8:52 a.m.: The Atlantic now says: “Netflix emails to say it doesn’t advertise on Rush. We’re waiting to hear back whether the company just bought ads on the local radio station or what.”

2:29 p.m.: Netflix’s Director of Corporate Communications Joris Evers tells Boing Boing that
Netflix has not purchased and does not purchase advertising on the Rush Limbaugh show. We do buy network radio advertising and have confirmed that two Netflix spots were picked up in error as part of local news breaks during the Rush Limbaugh show. We have instructed our advertising agency to make sure that this error will not happen again.
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for calling NetFlix.

I called this morning and suspended my service... said I will restrat (and pay them $ again) only once they remove their advertising. Until they do that I have to assume they also believe women who use birth control are sluts!

Anonymous said...

Oddly, there are some of us out there who don't care one way or the other about a public controversy with no consistent content. One side calls the other names, and then one side claims injury. Next day, the players change sides. Yawn.

In the arena of logic, not all premises contain their "logical" conclusions. I wager a month from now this will have been forgotten.

Michael Leddy said...

It probably will have been forgotten, but Netflix (and other companies) will still not be advertising with Rush Limbaugh.