Thursday, October 21, 2010

Five sentences about the driver

“Did you see that guy?”

“He’s unbelievable!”

“What a lunatic!”


“––––––– ––––––– –––––––!”

[Ever since I posted a commentary on five sentences from Charles Dickens’s Bleak House, Internauts searching for five sentences (that is, their homework) have been ending up at Orange Crate Art. Five sentences about the driver is the latest such search. This post is rated “S” for salty language, or for the suggestion thereof.]

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Elaine said...

Well, I can't believe people have not chimed in on this one!

"Stop texting!"

"Stop talking on your cell!"

"Pay attention!"

"Speed limit!"

"Your hair looks fine!"

All of these are actual transcripts of my colorful commentary as I wend my way through the streets of Conway.....

Michael Leddy said...

One of my favorites, not in the post, is “Merge!” (Spoken as cars enter the highway, hesitantly, hesitantly.)

Other Elaine said...

I have to admit, sometimes I kinda yell, "Learn. To. Drive!" We have several roundabouts (the first introduced a couple of years back) and people just Will Not learn how to merge, engage turn signals, or anything else... and rail against them constantly. However, they have relieved some of the congested intersections miraculously.