Tuesday, October 26, 2010


From Life, July 21, 1941:

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Let’s read together. Yes, out loud:

There are enough troubles in this old world . . . enough chores . . . enough worries . . . enough things to frown about . . . What this country needs is more things to smile about.

Here’s one of those things — plump, homey, jolly looking sausage.

When a sausage smiles at you, you smile right back. When it’s on the table, noon or night, it makes the next joke laugh better, the time pass faster. You eat it because you like it, and you like it because it’s good.

Sausage products are good, wholesome meat foods, full of carefully selected meats expertly blended with delicate spices. Easy to serve as bread and easy to digest.

Sausage is a good source of the complete proteins and minerals of meat which your body does not store to any extent, hence are needed regularly.

And vitamins too — that good liver sausage (braunschweiger or liverwurst) is not only rich in the B vitamins but brings you vitamin A and vitamin D as well.

You’ve known liver sausage cold — now try it hot with bacon or grilled tomatoes.

Forget the troubles of the world — serve yourself some sausage — good liver sausage or friendly frankfurters; salami sausage or bologna, just so it’s sausage.

It’s a pleasure on a platter, pride of the picnic, center of a sandwich, and it’s a treasure in the refrigerator when you’re hunting for that midnight snack.

It’s friendly to look at. It’s friendlier to taste.

This is Sausage. This is Fun. This is Yours.
Those last three sentences are beautiful, no? I have a deep feeling for liverwurst, as I confessed in this post. But I must take issue with this one of this advertisement’s assertions: if and when a piece of liverwurst smiles at me, I will know that it’s time to ask for help — and not at a delicatessen counter.

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Daughter Number Three said...

"Forget the troubles of the world — serve yourself some sausage." Sausage -- now with panacea!

Michael Leddy said...

The sad thing is that I’ve been jonesing for liverwurst since transcribing that hooey.