Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Consider Frank Ryan

I’m out of step: unlike many people commenting on this story, I see nothing funny in it. It’s only grotesquely sad. Note to self and others: the next time you’re tempted to do anything on a phone while driving, consider Frank Ryan.

[Image from drfrankryan (Twitter).]

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Elaine said...

Senseless waste.

Although some people will rail against intrusive regulation and restrictions, I am just sorry that laws are lagging behind a crying need for enactment and enforcement. I see drivers texting and chatting on a daily basis.

Michael Leddy said...

Living in a college town, I sometimes see young drivers laugh after close calls (no pun intended) while talking or texting.

Elaine said...

Three colleges in Conway (two private, one large state institution).... and the academic year has just gotten in gear, so the population has jumped by 15 thousand or more. City schools open today. I will try to be off the streets before 3 p.m., and I plot routes to avoid campuses. Red Alert!