Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Muntins, maybe (Hi and Lois)

Problems are worsening on the Hi-Lo line. Shifty muntins are no surprise. But today’s muntins seem to have turned into bars. Either that or there’s a lot of broken glass in the green and snowy bushes.

Get out, Trixie, while you can. Carpe noctem.

[Just so you know, if you’re here via Boing Boing: Hi and Lois posts are a small part of Orange Crate Art.]

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Slywy said...

What is with the weird lines (beginnings of hatchings?)?

Michael Leddy said...

Shade, I guess, but the horizontal lines along the bottom? You got me.

Berit said...

Golly, but this one's bad! Too bad to pass up passing it on to my friend who's finishing up his thesis and will then have a Master's in "Sequential Art".