Thursday, February 11, 2010

2010: the year of Van Dyke Parks?

Suddenly — as my son Ben would’ve put it, telling a story at the age of five or six — suddenly, Van Dyke Parks seems to be everywhere, taking to the road. From an article in yesterday’s newspaper:

“My motto is, ‘I’ve suffered like hell for my music. Now it’s your turn.’”

May 2010 suddenly be the year of Van Dyke Parks. Read more:

Van Dyke Parks: Reasons To “Smile” (Palo Alto Mercury News)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for providing the link to this article. I was listening to Orange Crate Art & looking for the musician credits when I wandered into your site. I try to stay abreast of Mr. Parks' doings. I've been loyal to a fault to musicians from the Sixties, but VDP is one who never disappoints. I'd like to think that Tucson would welcome him with open arms should he venture this far East.

Michael Leddy said...

It’s a pleasure to meet a fellow fan, Anon. My wife and I have a standing agreement that if VDP ever plays within a reasonable (or even unreasonable) distance, we drop everything and go.