Saturday, February 20, 2010


Before a concert:

“They’re old lady clothes, and I’m not an old lady yet.”

Elaine and I guessed that the speaker was at least seventy. More power to her.

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Elaine said...

Typical male report. WHAT was the 'old lady' outfit? Complete description required. What was the speaker wearing? How did it differ from an 'old lady' outfit? How was she accessorized?

Really, I can't believe your Elaine let you out to file this copy in its current state; DETAILS are needed!!!

Your fan,
Elaine (in Arkansas)

Michael Leddy said...

The speaker was wearing a coat and pants; that’s all we could see. Maybe she was responding to a suggestion about where she should shop or about someone else’s fashion sense. But further investigation would’ve blown our cover.

Accessorized? You mean like what kind of phone she had? : )