Friday, May 1, 2009

It's Buy Indie Day

Today is Buy Indie Day, a day to buy books from independent bookstores. If you'd like to share news of the spoils of your shopping, leave a comment.

My spoils, from Chicago's Seminary Co-op Bookstore: Kakuzo Okakura's The Book of Tea and Sara Suleri's Meatless Days.

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Benny said...

For me, it was Norman Mailer's The Castle In The Forest and The Deer Park. From Paperback Exchange, south Minneapolis.

T. said...


Geo-B said...

On Wednesday, I told my students Friday was Indie Bookstore Day and they should buy a book from an independent bookstore. They asked, how could they even do that? They didn't know of any independent bookstores.

Michael Leddy said...

Benny, hello, and thanks for commenting.

T., did you mean to leave that comment on the separated at birth post?

George, I used to give my students a list. Alas, most of the bookstores on it are now gone.