Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Blogging and introversion

Jonathan Rauch:

I suspect a lot of bloggers may be introverts, because blogging is great if you like to sit in front of the internet all day.

Eight questions for Jonathan Rauch (Economist)

Jonathan Rauch is the author of the celebrated Atlantic article Caring for Your Introvert.

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T. said...

Michael - I do find blogging is a much more comfortable interface than a cocktail party! I think blogs allow us introverts to do what many of us DO enjoy: cut out the "small talk" and discuss what's near and dear to our hearts. I believe either you or Rauch may have alluded to that inclination in one of the posts...

Michael Leddy said...

T., I think that's what Rauch says about conversation in his original Atlantic piece.

JuliaR said...

We have the occasional "Bloggers' Breakfast" here in Ottawa and every one I have met there is an introvert. Some of them also have odd social skills but they are all very intelligent.

On another note, Lileks made a reference to Proust today in his Bleat (http://lileks.com/bleat/ at the end of the entry).

Michael Leddy said...

I'm wondering whether Rauch's comment (which I'm guessing other people too are noticing) will prompt more discussion about the Internet and introversion.

Thanks for the Proust reference — he's everywhere! I look at Lileks' site now and then (just yesterday even). It's a goldmine.