Sunday, November 30, 2008

Orange train art

I like this sort of downhome surrealism, which I found while looking for photographs of locations from Alfred Hitchcock's Shadow of a Doubt.

I'm not a postcard collector, so I can't comment on CardCow's selection and prices. But I'm impressed that CardCow allows today's Internet user to send, from the company's website, links to any of its postcards (along with personalized messages). That seems like a smart way to build good will and keep the casual visitor coming back.

So what are you waiting for? Amaze your friends and loved ones! Send them links to old postcards today! ("Vintage Postcards and Collectibles")

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Slywy said...

That's definitely one for delicious.

Anonymous said...

I've spent a lot of time browsing this site already this morning. I love vintage postcards. I don't know of a better way to find the world of one's childhood preserved, frozen in time.